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專業生產、研發、高端酒店會所家具、售樓處家具、別墅家具等定制家具企業,自1996年成立以來,公司堅持貫徹執行ISO9000質量保證體系。 面對市場化和國際化的競爭需要,公司實現了多元化、專業化、規?;慕洜I戰略。力求打造超大規模的集設計、開發等全方位服務的企業。公司仍將遵循產品三要素原則:品質好、交期準、價格合理。同時將大量采用新材料、新技術、新工藝生產,開發能引導市場消費的新產品,特別是開發“綠色家具”與“綠色基材”方面,取得良好效果,并在鞏固國內市場的同時,將積極開拓國際市場。公司堅持以科學管理為核心,技術改造為重點,產品研究開發設計為先導,技術創新為支柱,并以ISO-9001質量體系為管理標準,集60多名高中級技術人才的智慧全面采用了CAD家具計算機設計系統,將人體工學原理與現代美學理念應用于家具設計之中,并以超前的設計兼收中西文化之精髓,不斷創造出個性鮮明、富于民族特色,融合西方設計之經典,又具豐厚的科技含量的產品。 客戶的需求是我們永遠的追求。公司希望廣大客戶熱忱指導、廣泛合作,并借此服務于社會,回報于社會!
 Ltd is an expert in the production, research and development of high-end furniture, hotel furniture, even the Custom-made furniture for villas. Our company has implemented ISO9000 quality assurance system since its establishment in 1996. Facing the requirements from both domestic and international markets, the company has realized its management strategies of diversification, specialization and large-scale production. With the great effort of creating a company professional in furniture design and development, our company strives to provide high-quality and price-reasonable products. Punctual delivery is what we promise. 
Meanwhile, developing the new products guiding the market with new materials and new technologies has been the target of the company. We have got some achievements in the development of "green furniture" and "green material", which helps consolidate the domestic market and explore the international market.
As a company with the scientific management as the core, technical transformation as the focus, product development and design as the guidance, technical innovation as the pillar, ISO-9001 quality system as the standard, we adopt the CAD furniture design system to produce the furniture combing the essence of Chinese and Western culture with advanced technology. The demands of the customs have been our responsibility. The company hopes to cooperate extensively with our clients, and serve the society and return to the society!

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